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Many pathogens and parasites infect a range of host species - either via obligatory life histories or an opportunistic wide host range. My research focuses on the relative contribution of different hosts and vector species to the transmission and evolution of a diversity of pathogens.

Relevant Publications

*Viana, M, *CL Faust, DT Haydon, JP Webster, and PHL Lamberton. (2017) The effects of subcurative praziquantel treatment on life-history traits and trade-offs in drug-resistant Schistosoma mansoni. Evolutionary Applications, 11:488-500 (doi:10.1111/eva.12558) *joint first authors

Lamberton, PHL, CL Faust, and JP Webster. 2017. Praziquantel decreases fecundity in Schistosoma mansoni adult worms that survive treatment: evidence from a laboratory life-history trade-offs selection study. Infectious Diseases of Poverty, 6, 110.(doi:10.1186/s40249-017-0324-0)

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A wealth of theory and experimental and natural microbial population studies highlight the importance of host adaptation in the evolution of parasites. We often think of pathogens, with their short-life span, as the more adaptable organism in a host-parasite interaction, however hosts can, and do, adapt to infection with specific pathogens. Variation in host populations has implication for transmission of pathogens and imposes selection on pathogens. My research focuses on variation in hemoglobin of wild populations of birds and macaques to understand implications for malaria transmission. 


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Land use change is a common feature of landscapes globally and has been shown to impact disease transmission. Changes in prevalence of infectious disease (both increases and decreases) have been associated with land use change in both specialist and generalist parasites. These changes in disease burden are driven by a network of interactions, and understanding general patterns across the diversity of land use change, host communities, and pathogen life histories has presented an immense challenge. My research focuses on understanding mechanisms driving changes in host communities and the cascading implications for parasite transmission. I am particularly interested in vector-borne diseases that have endemic and zoonotic transmission cycles.

Relevant Publications
Faust, CL, HI McCallum, LSP Bloomfield, NL Gottdenker, TR Gillespie, CJ Torney, AP Dobson, and RK Plowright. 2018. Pathogen spillover during land conversion. Ecology Letters. 21(4):471-483.

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Relevant Publications

*Adriko, M, *CL Faust, LV Carruthers, A Moses, EM Tukahebwa, and PHL Lamberton. 2018. Low praziquantel treatment coverage for Schistosoma mansoni in Mayuge District, Uganda due to absence of treatment opportunities rather than systematic non-compliance. Trop Med Infect Dis. 3(4): 111.*joint first authors. Open Access.

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Faust, C and AP Dobson. 2014. Butterfly Effect: the 2014 World Cup creates the potential for a malaria outbreak in sub-Saharan Africa. PrePrint Peer J.2:e402v1. Open Access.